Pet care in Concord NH with an Inviting twist

Pet care in Concord NH with an Inviting twist

Bark Now Concord NH provides natural luxury pet care! Here’s the inside scoop.

Pet care at this luxury Concord NH “spaw” treatment facility is sure to be top notch. Bark Now located on South Main St in Concord NH is a full-service grooming salon for dogs and cats. They also have a high class Boutique that supplies an array of unique Products for your Pampered Pets. Bark Now offers a different aspect of pet care that is vastly becoming more popular, the service is called animal Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy” and is a form of energy therapy. This method is now being used in pet care at shelters and hospitals as it loosens blockages and balances energy while treating the body, mind and soul. Reiki relieves pain and is good for stress, anxiety, depression, sickness, injury and boosting the immune system in any animal.

Another great reason you should choose Bark Now is because Kris the owner loves to give back to the community. It shows true with her being a partner in a sponsorship program at the Concord NH SPCA that helps dogs get off on the right foot when they are adopted. Kris Tripp is the Owner/operator, and has over 20 years of experience in the pet care industry. Her credentials stand tall as a Certified Professional Pet Groomer and Reiki Practitioner. I think it’s a sure bet that Bark Now will take your pampered pets seriously.

Bark Now Concord NH performs a few luxury spa treatments that will be sure to leave your animal feeling “purrty”. One unique treatment Kris offers is called The Color burst which is a creative way to spruce up any animals spunk. Temporary or semi-permanent color available and is great for your oh so white fur babies. Another great promotion is First time clients for any bath treatment are now receiving a “FREE” Blueberry Facial which is a tear-less face wash and includes a special massage sure to leave your pet feeling loved! Talk about pet care luxury at it’s finest!

At the Cat’s Meow pet sitting we feel quality pet care is of high importance and Bark Now gets a two thumbs up for this in our book! Check and see if Bark Now in Concord NH can help be your pet care provider today.

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