DIY Emergency remedies for pets, look no further than your medicine cabinet.

DIY Emergency remedies for pets, look no further than your medicine cabinet.

When you pets in need you can save time and money using these helpful tips.

Before administering any home remedy to your pets a quick check with your local vet should always be priority as there professional knowledge can steer you in the right direction and dosage appropriate for the size of your animal. You have all sorts of helpful remedies at the tip of your finger in your medicine cabinet, it’s just a matter of knowing what to use and in what situation. Many human remedies can be used for your precious pets. Here is a helpful list of remedies that can fix the usual pet condition.

Poison Control:

Hydrogen Peroxide can induce vomiting in an animal in case they have ingested something poison-is. One teaspoon can be administered per every 5 pounds of the animal, this process can be repeated once. Mineral oil and milk of magnesia can also be used for toxin ingestion, check with your vet to see the dosage they recommend.

Bee Sting:

If your animal is stung you should start by removing the stinger and scraping the area with something hard and flat, a credit card is usually the best option. Apply a baking soda paste as a poultice. If your animal is having an allergic reaction a dose of Benadryl may be administered (1mg/lb) every six hours.

Large lightning storms:

Most animals suffer anxiety during a thunderstorm, and it usually it isn’t because of the light or sound it has to do with the buildup of static electricity in there coat of fur. To alleviate this you may rub a dryer sheet on the coat to remove the static electricity and make your pet more comfortable.

Upset stomach:

If your dog is having stomach issues and vomiting you may use Pepto Bismol to help alleviate the symptoms. This may only be used on dogs though because Pepto Bismol contains an aspirin like substance, which is bad for cats. The dose for your dog should be a child’s dose for every 40 pounds of body weight every six hours. An example is: A ten pound dog would receive one-quarter of a child’s dose, and an 80 pound dog would receive twice the amount.

Moisturizer for small cuts and Winter Temperatures:

Petroleum jelly can be used on minor cuts in order to prevent the area further contamination to other germs. This useful tool can also be used in the winter months if you rub the jelly in-between the animals pads or toes to prevent ice formation.

Heal wounds with salt:

Create a soak using Epsom salts for wound treatment and this can also be used on irritated itchy skin of the animal.

Cure animals Diarrhea:

Imodium can be used in small doses to cure your animals unwanted diarrhea. Check with your vet on dosage amount before administering.

Flip side of the coin constipation:

Canned pumpkin without spices can help with constipation. Dulcolax or Metamucil can also be of help in this situation.

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