As the Leading Cat and Dog sitter In the Bedford NH area I wanted to spread the word about this amazing store called The Wholistic Pet.

As the Leading Cat and Dog sitter In the Bedford NH area I wanted to spread the word about this amazing store called The Wholistic Pet.

As the Leading Cat and Dog sitter In the Bedford NH area I wanted to spread the word about this amazing store called The Wholistic Pet.

Any Dog sitter knows it’s hard to find a store like this one. The Wholistic Pet sells a wide variety of Natural products including the ever so popular Wholistic Pet Organics line.

They offer a great rewards program with a mired of ways to earn points keeping your bills low! The Wholistic Pet Bedford NH offers more than convenient hours with being open on Saturday, and Sundays which is invaluable for dog sitters and pet owners!

The Wholistic Pet Bedford NH isn’t just any pet store selling you products, they have unsurpassed knowledge in the field as their family has been involved in dog and horse shows for decades. This hands on experience has taught them valuable lessons on just what it takes to keep our animals happy and healthy. They have backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition and animal health science. As a dog and cat sitter I couldn’t find any reason why you wouldn’t choose these products for your furry friends.

Cat and Dog sitters like myself know the importance of keeping your loved ones healthy and this fabulous store makes it super easy. You can order there products online if you don’t have the time to stop in the store. However this dog sitter would highly recommend stopping into The Wholistic Pet Bedford NH, because I know you will be pleasantly surprised.

Wholistic Pets top products stem from a line called The Wholistic Pet Organics, here are the top products they sell in this line and my recommendations as a dog and cat sitter:

Wholistic Pet Organics Equine complete:

  • This oil is pure and of the highest quality, it is the only organic and cold-pressed flax seed oil available and delivers high concentrations of EFA’s for a beautiful, healthy skin and coat. As a Dog and Cat sitter I know how important it is for your furry friends to be looking there best!

Wholistic Pet Organics Equine complete:

  • Which is the finest super-premium all-in-one supplement! Offers a full array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. Keeping your loved ones full of nutrients is ever so important in this GMO world.

Wholistic Pet Organics Feline Diatomaceous Earth:

  • This is a safe, non-chemical alternative to chemical dewormers, flea and tick relief. As a cat and dog sitter I always hate applying harsh chemicals to any animal to rid them of such pesky insects, this is a great alternative that actually works!

Wholistic Pet Organics Wild Cod Liver Oil:

  • This great product promotes overall health and well-being using naturally available Omega-3 Fatty Acids as well as Vitamins A, D, and E. Not only are these vitamins vital for humans they are also an essential part of our animals diet. I have been a dog and cat sitter over the last 25 years and I definitely see a major different in the animals I get to take care of that use products like this one, over the ones that don’t.

Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete Joint Mobility with Green Lipped Muscle:

  • This name is a lengthy one but here is what it does. It is a All-in-one joint supplement containing a proprietary blend of certified organic, super-premium ingredients for Total Body Health. I see so many animals suffering from mobility issues as a dog sitter. I always recommend this product to all my clients, and have seen major results when incorporated into any animals daily routine.

This is just the beginning of all the great products Wholistic Pet Organics Bedford, NH has to offer. As a dog and cat sitter I believe The Wholistic Pet has a great purpose, and this is there belief. Health is invaluable. Our mission at The Wholistic Pet is to help all our beloved pets live happier, healthy lives and be free from avoidable health problems.

As a dog and cat sitter in the Bedford, NH area I highly recommend this store to animal lovers! Make sure you stop in today!

The Wholistic Pet is located at
341 NH-101, Bedford, NH 03110
There phone number is
+1 603-472-2273
Or you can visit there webpage at

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