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Welcome to The Cat’s Meow, where your furry and not-so furry friends receive top-notch pet sitting Auburn NH. I’m Lynn, a passionate pet enthusiast, and founder of The Cat’s Meow. I’ve been providing premier pet sitting services in auburn nh, and its surrounding areas for over a decade.

I understand the immense responsibility that comes with caring for your beloved animals. I’m very intuitive and have been called the best-trained pet caregiver by my happy clients! I go above and beyond to make sure your animals receive the love and attention they need while you’re away. Whether you’re jetting off on a vacation, tackling business trips, or navigating extended work commitments, I’ve got you covered. 

Pet Sitting Auburn NH

Our dedication to excellence shines through in the glowing reviews from our satisfied clients, boasting over 65+ stellar 5-star ratings on Google. These testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to delivering exceptional pet sitting auburn nh.

From playtime for exercise to comforting cuddles for stress relief, each pet sitting session is customized to cater to your pets unique needs and preferences. With years of experience and a deep-rooted connection with animals, we pride ourselves on understanding and anticipating their needs abhead of time, ensuring they feel safe, happy, and loved while your gone.

Maybe you’re looking for a cat sitter auburn nh, dog sitter auburn nh, or for a pet sitter near me, look no further. Our services are designed to provide peace of mind to pet parents while offering a fun and enjoyable experience for their furry friends.

Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the magic firsthand! Schedule your complimentary meet and greet today and see the undeniable bond between your pet and me. Let’s create a tailor-made plan to shower your animals with the love and attention they deserve in your absence.

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    Why Choose Us

    • 26+ Years Experience
    • PetTech CPR Certified
    • Fully Insured & Bonded

    Pet Sitting Auburn NH Services

    At the forefront of pet care in Auburn, NH, we offer custom pet care solutions that align perfectly with the individual needs and preferences of every precious furry friend because no pet is the same and their care shouldn’t be either.

    Learn More About Services & Pricing

    In-Home Pet Sitting Services

    Our in-home pet sitting services redefine pet care, ensuring your furry friends receive attentive care while staying comfortably at home. With us, your pets enjoy uninterrupted relaxation and companionship without the stress of new environments or exposure to illnesses from other animals.

    And for you, say goodbye to the logistical headaches of pet boarding and transportation; our services provide peace of mind, allowing you to tackle your commitments knowing your pet is in caring hands.

    We cater to a variety of pets, including:

    • Dogs, Cats, Birds..
    • Small animals
      – such as: guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and gerbils
    • Reptiles, turtles, fish & so many more!

    Whether they’re small critters or larger-than-life pals, our goal is to create a secure and delightful playtime experience for all your beloved pets.

    During our in-home visits, we ensure your home preserves its lived-in look guaranteeing the safety of your residence and pets.

    Wellness For Pets Services

    Elevate your pet’s care experience with our holistic wellness treatments that extend beyond the conventional. Explore the transformative powers of Reiki energy healing and Emotion Code alignment sessions, specially crafted to restore balance and vitality to your pet’s life, both inside and out.

    • Reiki Pet Energy Healing
      Immerse your pet in a world of holistic care, where we offer transformative wellness treatments that transcend the ordinary. Experience the healing powers of Reiki energy healing and Emotion Code alignment sessions, tailored to address your pet’s physical and emotional imbalances and pave the way for a life of vitality and harmony. .
    • Emotion Code Pet Energy Alignment
      Empower your pet to thrive emotionally with an Emotion Code energy alignment session. In this session we will untangle and release emotional blocks that may be holding back your pets happiness. Experience the remarkable shift as your pet emerges from each session with a sense of inner peace and balance.

    Choose Us For Pet Sitting Auburn NH

    In a sea of choices, finding the perfect pet sitter in Auburn, NH might seem like a daunting task. But fear not! We’re here to simplify that decision-making process for you. Uncover the reasons why we stand out as the top choice for pet sitting in Auburn, NH.

    Affordable & Honest Pricing

    At our service, what you see is what you get when it comes to pricing. Forget about hidden costs or extra fees—we believe in keeping things simple and transparent. The pet care sessions are $25. No up-charges for weekends or holidays. No cancellation fees or down deposits.

    Customized Animal Care

    Your pet is unlike any other, and our pet sitting services are designed to honor their uniqueness. During the initial consultation, Lynn takes the time to forge a connection with your animal, gaining insight into their distinct characteristics and routines. This personalized approach ensures that her care is a perfect fit for your pet’s needs, guaranteeing a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

    Pet Safety Ensured

    Ensuring your pet’s safety is our utmost concern; we leave no stone unturned. With Lynn’s Pet Tech and CPR certification, we’re prepared to tackle any emergency head-on, providing your furry companion with safety, no matter the circumstances.

    Long Term Experience You Can Count On

    Over the course of 26 years, The Cats Meow has earned a stellar reputation for its dedication to excellence in pet sitting, pet care, home care and pet wellness. We support a wide range of animals, including cats, dogs, reptiles, bunnies, birds, and more.

    Professional Pet Sitters Auburn NH

    Don’t wait—contact Lynn today to reserve your complimentary meet and greet session and discover why pet lovers across Auburn, NH, rely on her expertise and compassion for their furry family members.

    Personalized Pet Sitting Auburn NH

    While corporations like the Rover dominate the pet care scene, we take a different path, offering a personalized touch with Lynn as your pet’s sole caregiver. The Cat’s Meow is a women’s operation so you can rest assured no one else will have the keys to your home or be in touch with your animal. This intimate setup fosters a deep bond of trust ensuring your pet feels at ease.

    Exceptional Pet Sitting Auburn NH Testimonials

    Lynn’s dedication to providing top-notch customer service is evident in her glowing reputation, boasting over 65+ Google reviews from delighted clients. Throughout each pet sitting session, Lynn keeps you in the loop with regular updates, including photos, videos, and messages from your beloved pet, offering peace of mind and assurance of their health and happiness in your absence.

    Meet Lynn Your Trusted Auburn Pet Sitter

    Hi there. I’m Lynn, the passionate individual behind The Cat’s Meow, and your go-to pet sitter in Auburn NH. With a wealth of experience spanning 26 years in pet and home care, I’ve earned a reputation as an “animal whisperer” among my loyal clientele. A decade ago, I founded The Cat’s Meow with a mission to deliver exceptional pet sitting services tailored to the needs of Auburn NH residents.

    Driven by my dedication to ongoing learning and improvement, I pursued certifications in Reiki energy healing and Emotion Code alignment, equipping me to assist animals in overcoming energetic barriers, reducing anxiety, and promoting overall well-being. Additionally, my CPR and Pet Tech certifications ensure that your pets are in safe hands, even in challenging situations. With over 65+ glowing 5-star Google reviews, I’ve established enduring connections with clients built on trust and exceptional service. Many clients have remained with me for years, a testament to the personalized care and attention I provide to their cherished pets.

    Each pet entrusted to my care becomes a valued member of my extended family, receiving the same level of love and compassion as my own pets. At The Cat’s Meow, It’s just me with no other pet sitters. This means I will be the only one with access to your home and animals. During each visit, I’ll keep you updated with videos and photos, ensuring that you feel connected and reassured of your pets’ well-being while you’re away.

    Take the first step towards a stress-free pet sitting in Auburn NH—reserve your complimentary meet and greet appointment today!