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While you are away, let your pets stay home and play! 

We strive to provide pet and dog sitting services that leave you thrilled, happy, overly satisfied and wow’d in every way.

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If you are looking to find a compassionate, caring, trustworthy person to take care of your kids (cats or dogs) while you are away, Lynn LePage is the caretaker for you! I am more than satisfied with her.  I have known Lynn for four years (my mother-in-law has employed her for over 20) aSatisfied Testimonial Sleeping Catnd I can attest that Lynn will do nothing more than treat your home and your pets as if they were her own. My boys (two Siamese cats have trusted Lynn to come in and clean over the past few years. During that time I would get some incredible pictures of what they were up to while I was working to support “their” house. Satisfied Testimonial Siamese Cat

This past year we started to have Lynn come in while we were away, rather than boarding the boys because one of them had become ill and needed to take oral medicine twice a day. Now, anyone who has had to give their animals medicine knows it isn’t always an easy task. I can say my Baxter took (for me) his meds very well. So, as trusting as he was of Lynn...he took his meds for her as if she were a pro!
Our Baxter passed away in July and I am grateful he was home the week prior in Lynn’s care rather at a kennel. And, I know Oliver is extra spoiled now that he is here alone without his brother.....sucking up every minute too! As we know, no one can replace a parent but having Lynn step in when needed is definitely the next best thing!!

Gratefully yours,
Gail Kace

This letter is to endorse and recommend Lynn LePage for pet sitting services. Lynn has been performing our home cleaning for several years, and when we acquired our cat, Teddy,Satisfied Testimonial Teddy over one year ago, it became necessary to locate a pet sitter. We were delighted to learn that Lynn was available to perform this service, and she has consistently taken care of Teddy whenever it has been necessary. In addition to performing the necessary functions of a pet sitter, Lynn has shown fondness and devotion towards our cat by spending time with him when she is there. Unlike some who simply “do the job” and leave, Lynn keeps Teddy company and develops a bond with him. This is evident by the positive reaction that Teddy exhibits anytime Lynn arrives at the house. Additionally- and what has been quite evident during her time as a home cleaner- Lynn is both dependable and trustworthy. These qualities are of the utmost importance to us, and she has never disappointed.

-Richard Thorner

Satisfied Testimonial Sitting CatI was so happy to have Lynn watch my two cats while on a California vacation with my entire family and having no one to watch them. Lynn came to my house morning and dinner time to feed the cats. Even my anti-Satisfied Testimonials Black Catsocial cat liked Lynn. Not only did she take care of the cats, It was a relief to have someone present at our house after being recently broken into. I highly recommend Lynn and will definitely use her services in the future.

Thank you Lynn!

To whom it May Concern:Satisfied Testimonial Athena

My name is Evelyn Kennedy and I am writing this reference letter for Lynn LePage. On several occasions I used her dog sitting services for my dog Athena. My dog really enjoyed Lynn's company. I found Lynn to be a very responsible person who truly enjoys caring for animals. She is very caring and loves playing with your pet. I would highly recommend her for pet sitting. She does a great job and your pets will love her too.

Evelyn Kennedy

Lynn LePage has taken care of my two cats for a couple of years. She is caring, kind, friendly and just loves pets! She is reliable and trustworthy, and spends time playing with them, which is so important. Recently one of my fur babies had an eye infection and she gave her eye drops for a week while I was out of town. I highly recommend Lynn for your pet sitting needs!

Satisfied Testimonal Janes Cat 1Satisfied Testimonial Janes Cat 2

-Jane Primm